Participants and Mentors

You need to register through Youth Unlimited.  As the umbrella organization, they collect all funds and handle all of the initial registrations.

On line there is a two-step process but you can proceed to Step 2.   The registration fee for Special Needs SERVE is always $360 US. It does not go up after April 1.

   Register Online  

It is important for mentors to take the time to prepare.  Several weeks before your experience, you will be sent a Mentor Package.  This will be filled with things to think about and pray about in advance.  We are working on the packet for 2018, but would like to encourage you to check out the Mentor Prep Booklet from 2014 to give you an idea.  For mentors coming in groups, we will make sure to put it into group format so that you can spend some time together in group preparation.