SERVE Winnipeg is for youth with disabilities ages 16-28.  We have made some exceptions to this in the past so feel free to contact us.

We have written a SERVE story, with pictures that will help you see what a week at SERVE is like.  This SERVE Social Story was made with pictures from previous SERVEs.  If you have other questions or would like to have a tour of where SERVE will happen, you are welcome to arrange a meeting ahead of time.

The cost for this week is $360.00 US which includes everything – there will be no need for additional funds.

As you are thinking about SERVE it may be helpful for you to know that:

  •    Winnipeg is hosting SERVE for the 6th time after taking a 2 year break.
  •     SERVE is organized under the umbrella of Youth Unlimited
  •    SERVE is supported by Hope Centre Ministries
  •     Peer mentors are well supported and prepared – and for many of our mentors, this will be their second or third year at SERVE.
  •  Parents are invited to  join us every evening (Sat – Wed, 6:30 pm) for worship.  They are also invited to our closing worship, Thursday at 10:00 am, and will then also be included in a small group session.