Mentors are a very important part of this SERVE experience.  They provide direct, hands on support for all aspects of the program.  As a mentor you will be paired with a peer participant.  The focus of this SERVE for you will be to build a relationship and participate fully alongside your partner.  You will eat, sleep, learn, worship, and work together.

Mentoring is challenging and very rewarding and many youth have been incredibly blessed throughout the experience.  In fact, many mentors are eager to return and consider this a highlight of their summer.

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See what others have said about their mentor experience:


“SERVE is a two-sided experience.  We come to SERVE as mentors, but we learn so much from the participants.  I really enjoyed how open they are- how free they are to be themselves.  Working together gives everyone a stronger sense of belonging.”


“This week, however short it was, was absolutely life changing for me. It taught me things that I never would have learned otherwise, things about myself and things about other people as well. It taught me how to use my patience and I learned that I actually have a lot more patience than I thought I did before. It also taught me to never make a judgment call on someone simply based on what they look like or what they can or cannot do. It taught me what it means to truly love everyone and that every single person, no matter who they are, are special and unique and incredible. Not only did this week teach me important life lessons, but God also used it to show me a certain gift that I have that I never would have known before. It also made me consider a totally different career option, working with people with disabilities, than the one I thought was for me before I had this SERVE experience. I used to think that people who had disabilities were defined by the things that they couldn’t do. I thought that to work with people with disabilities was daunting and scary. I know now that they are of the same value as me, and that each and every one of them have unique and amazing gifts and talents and personality traits. I now know that to work with these people is a privilege that not many people get to experience, and it is also one of the most rewarding and incredible things you can do. I would definitely sign up for this week again. In fact, you can count on me next year to be a mentor again! After experiencing this week, I know that this is something that God is calling me to do again, and I know how much it impacted the participants’ lives as much as mine. To encourage my friends to sign up, I would tell them that although it was challenging at times, this SERVE was the best experience I’ve had in my life so far, and that it was incredibly rewarding. I have actually already told some of my friends this in hoping that they will come along next time! Thank you so much for this experience… I can’t express through words how much it meant to me. I will see you all next year!!”

“I found the beginning of the week fairly difficult, as I had a hard time finding my groove. But we were kept busy and we kept pushing through. By the end of the week, I found it very hard to leave. I wasn’t ready yet. I used to think I could depend on myself to figure things out quickly and have myself get along with everyone, but now I know that I need to depend on God more and to let Him shine through me. I would definitely sign up for this SERVE again. I would tell my friends that it was a week that you would grow no matter where you are in your life.”

“This SERVE experience was very rewarding. I used to think that people with special needs would need to be shadowed over, but now I know that they are very capable of many things! Throughout the week, I noticed that within myself I started seeing what others were capable of, not of what they aren’t. I was deeply impacted by that fact that my participant was always happy! I learned from him that I should really be more positive too. I would definitely sign up for this trip again because how could I not? The first few days were definitely challenging, but the end of the week I really enjoyed! I would encourage others to go on this trip by telling them that you will be stretched, but this trip is very rewarding. I would also say that it is very fun and the evenings are always filled with laughs!”

“During the week at SERVE, I went through many emotions including laughter, crying, silence and much more. I have learned that I am powerless when I trust in my own strength and need to trust in God to get me through every moment of every day. Looking back on my week at SERVE I realize that the ending is much brighter and happier than the beginning of the week. I hope to be coming back next year to make new friends and see old ones that I have made just this year. The ending of the week is bittersweet and is definitely a reason to come back next year! I have made many new friends and have had new experiences. To encourage friends to come next year, I will tell them about our adventures and new friendships that were made.”
“If someone was to ask me if they should do this serve I would tell them that they absolutely should. Getting to know individuals with disabilities helped me to realize how they are no different than individuals without. It showed me that no matter who you are there are ways that you can serve. It was not always easy but it was so worth it. I would definitely consider doing this again. I made so many great friends that I have been able to keep in touch with. It was great giving an opportunity to individuals who so many people would say are not capable of serving a chance to serve.”

“It gave me a new found respect for people with disabilities. It’s so easy to marginalize them and think they can’t really do anything.
I learned how capable people with disabilities are.”