Tuesday – Knights take care of God’s earth!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Today’s theme was about being good stewards of what God has given us — such as His creation.  We continued to work hard at the work-sites, many including acts to take care of God’s creation, whether it be in gardens or helping people.  Much of it was hard work, but we still had a really great time doing good things and continuing to grow in friendship.

IMG_7344 IMG_7644







The hard work wasn’t done after returning to Covenant Castle after job sites.  Lunch time brought a different sort of hard work!  We were visited by a monk who had taken a vow of silence and encouraged the group to join for lunch time.  If someone were to break their lunch-time vow of silence, there were penalties!  Needless to say, some people (*cough*Shellie*cough*) had a very hard time with this, and ended up losing all their utensils and even the table!

IMG_7362 IMG_7378


Thank goodness the vow of silence was only for lunch!  I don’t think very many people would have made it for very long 😉


During small groups, we carried on with our theme of taking care of the earth and even made art from recycled materials.  These guys made beautiful flowers out of “junk”!





The day wasn’t all hard work though.  In the afternoon, we had a blast at Grand Prix, featuring go-karts, bumper boats and cars, batting cages, mini-golf and other fun games.

IMG_7523 IMG_7494 IMG_7491 IMG_7489












There were even games where we got to soak each other, which was good — it was a pretty hot day!

IMG_7541 IMG_7544








Back at Covenant Castle, Sir Shellie reminded us about what we’d learned during the day about taking care of God’s creation.  This is also something that isn’t for one week of the year; it’s something we need to remember for the OTHER 51 as well.






The night wrapped up with the Jesters leading us in an assortment of games that you might find at a medeival faire, such as bobbing for apples, shot-put, bocce-ball, and of course jousting (we used rolling chairs, pool noodles, and eggs… close enough, right?)

IMG_7590 IMG_7631


What a great day….even if we do have to scrub the gym floor now 😉