God can use anyone, even the least likely!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This morning during Small Group we were tasked by Squire April to dress for the desert… as you can see by the picture where Kyle dressed Mike, some people felt this meant going to the beach!

However, we learned that the unlikely things (umbrella, closed shoes, long sleeves) were actually the best for the desert.

IMG_7661IMG_7660 IMG_7665

Just like these articles of clothing seemed unlikely but really were perfect, God sometimes uses unlikely people to do great things for Him in this world.  He can use any of us, no matter our age, appearance, gender, or challenges.

After more time at work sites and a great lunch, we got to go to the bowling alley!

IMG_7688 IMG_7680

We have some great bowlers in our group!


Since it’s the last night of SERVE, the kitchen volunteers put on a great feast for us and we enjoyed a banquet together.  Everyone dressed to impress and enjoyed this medieval meal (without cutlery for authenticity!).

IMG_7713 IMG_7707

After the meal, the Jesters taught us a medieval dance that tested our coordination.

IMG_7818 IMG_7834

Coordination testing didn’t end with the dance!  To finish the night, we had a talent show where people could showcase their many gifts and abilities.  We had everything from comedy to dance to singing to piano playing and even a traditional pow wow dance!

IMG_7883 IMG_7865 IMG_7856 IMG_7852

All together, here are the judges’ (the Jesters) comments:


It’s sad seeing the week coming to an end.  We’ve made such great friends and done such great things!