Monday – Let the SERVE-ing begin!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Today began our time at work sites.  We were all eager to see how we were going to be put to work!  Job sites varied from spreading gravel, to gardening, to making snack bags for inner-city kids on their way to camp for the week.
IMG_3898 IMG_6891 IMG_6919 IMG_6905 IMG_6987IMG_6912  IMG_6950 IMG_6901IMG_6970

After working hard in the morning and coming back to a great lunch, we left Covenant Castle to go laser tagging!  However, not before putting Kyle in the dungeon:


During the evening service, we learned about the labels that God puts on us, versus the labels the world often does and how God’s labels are TRUE!   We are all God’s masterpieces, created in His image, and fearfully and wonderfully made!  What great news for all of us!

IMG_7049 IMG_7035

After all of the hard work this morning and running around at laser tag, many of us were tired and hot.  Good thing the Jesters had some water games in store for us!

IMG_7077 IMG_7112

Squire April, her trusty steed, and Skullery-Maid Bonita also had some shenanigans up their sleeves.  They challenged some guys in the church parking lot to a game of basketball!  Needless to say, the guys were very surprised (especially when they found out that their opponents were good!  Okay.. maybe not the horse…)

IMG_7283 IMG_7297