And we’re off!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

After weeks of planning, organizing, networking, meetings, costume collecting, and doing goofy things like making giant feather pens, the day we’ve been waiting for has come and everyone is now safely in Covenant Castle!

Participants IMG_6523were greeted by seeing their name drawn and decorated by their mentor.  Each mentor took some time to read about interests of their partner and decorated their name to match!

The theme for this year is “The Other 51”, recognizing that one week of service for God is great, but what really matters is what we do with the other 51 weeks of the year!

For Special Needs SERVE, we’ve taken the theme one step further to make it a little more fun and interactive.  This year is Kingdom Quest: The Journey to Knighthood.  We’re all on a quest to SERVE our King (God!) more and more, and so this week, we are all “knights-in-training”.

Saturday afternoon was filled with several stations of medieval-themed activities and crafts.

Many had fun at our photo-booth:

Jesse and Jaydon

Jesse and Jaydon showing us what real knights look like.


Ryan and Riley getting themselves into “trouble” 😉

Meanwhile, inside the Grand Hall (gym), people were busy making all sorts of medieval themed crafts:


Brent, Donovan, Shawn, and Michael making mini-catapults.


Kerstin and Roxanne turning their regular pens into feather quills


Making medieval satchels! Theses were a little tricky, so teamwork was key!

Saturday evening’s worship service further introduced the theme of Journeying to Knighthood from Sir Shellie, but only after receiving instructions from Squire April and her trusty steed:


We almost had some technical difficulties (medieval times weren’t as advanced as now!), but good thing we had help getting the wifi signal:


The night closed with fun and games, provided by the “jesters”:

IMG_6519 IMG_6504 IMG_6487

We’re excited to see what the rest of the week brings and the new friends that will be made.