SERVE 2015… Getting Ready

SERVE Winnipeg has been spending many months getting ready for the upcoming week!

We are thankful for the many people who contribute in a variety of ways.  Slowly, Covenant Christian Reformed Church is being transformed into Covenant Castle.  The decorations/props are being transported, the various curriculum for small group materials and devotions are being printed and the welcome bags with activities to foster relationship building are prepped.  At this point we realize how important the little details are.  Before we begin we want to take a moment to acknowledge who has been working behind the scenes and in what ways.  (Pictures will be added shortly).

Michelle:  Michelle has spent the last few weeks gathering props and organizing fellowship activities and the devotional routines.  Throughout the week of SERVE she will be found in the Armory each morning as she helps each mentor/participant receive their daily devotional and then add to their “Armor of God”.  We are very thankful for her creativity and amazing sewing skills!

Carol:  This year Carol prepared our Devotionals– they are all based on the Armor of God and will help the Knights and their Squires (mentors) ‘dress for work’ each day.  Thank you for taking the time to shape this piece Carol.  If you want to read a sample devotional, you can do so  HERE.

April:  April has been spending most of her preparation time leading up to SERVE preparing and organizing the small group material.  There are a lot of details to look out for and we are so excited see the small groups in action.  Throughout the week of SERVE you will find April all over Covenant Castle as she helps mentors/participant find and complete various training tasks.  We are so thankful for her speed/agility and attention to thousands of details!  If you want to read a sample of the small group material you can do so HERE

Don:  Don has spent many hours gathering and organizing important information from each participant.  He has also served as a contact for people with questions and has organized volunteers who are willing to keep watch over the castle throughout the night.  Thank you Don, because of your hard work we are able sleep!

Gerry:  Gerry is our appointed details guy.  He takes all of the categories and creates wonderfully colour-coded spreadsheets that keep us on track and point out where we need to focus our attention.  He has also been a big part of organizing work sites and ensuring that each team has what they need in order to have a successful time of serving in the community.  We are also blessed to have Gerry attend the various fellowship activities and make sure that everything is paid for.  Thank you Gerry, for all you are giving this week!

Shellie:  Shellie has spent most of her time organizing the theme material and prepping for the worship part of SERVE.  Having fun in worship and seeing youth grow in their understanding of God as well as learning to serve him in new ways and every day ways is something that she is passionate about and hopes to share throughout the speaking portions of evening worship.

Bonita:  Bonita is our resident Chef and has spent many hours planning menus and shopping for ingredients to put together the sustaining meals that will feed the masses of the Castle.  Thank you Bonita for your amazing servant heart and delicious food!

Judy:  Judy is our worship leader for the week.  She has taken time to organize all of the music for the week and assembled a team of musicians who are going to be leading us each evening.  Thank you so much for helping to shape such a central part of SERVE.

Lisa:  Lisa has taken time to research, plan and book various fellowship activities.  Having fun together is a very important part of the SERVE experience as it builds relationships and strengthens community.  Thank you Lisa for contributing in this way….. (she is also part of the evening praise time!)

Alyce:  Alyce is our prayer warrior and has spent time leading up to SERVE to ensure that this week is bathed in prayer.  She has connected all participants/mentors and team members with a person who has committed to pray specifically throughout the week.  Thank you Alyce, for supporting us in such a vital way!

Helena:  Helena has leant support to the organizing of some of the work sites through connecting with community places and enlisting volunteer drivers.  We are thankful for your contributions as you have helped build the serving piece of SERVE!

Emma:  Emma has spent preparation time for SERVE planning the encouragement treasury.  You will get to know Emma more through the pictures that come in the following days as she is also a mentor this year.

Jesters:  Jonathan, Jeremy, Katie, Trevor, Spencer, Josh:  This team will be ensuring that each evening is filled with fun and fellowship.  They are bringing an element of excitement and silliness with energy that is such a gift to those of us who are feeling drained by 8:00pm.  You are invited to stop by and see this in action, but we will be sure to document the fun and share pictures as well!