Getting Ready

Welcome to SERVE 2014!  We will be using this space as a place to share the stories of SERVE– a mission week for youth with disabilities.  We have been thinking, planning, praying for this week over the last year.  We have a great ‘Host Team’ who have committed to working out all of the details needed to make such a fabulous week happen.  Today, I’m excited to share some of what’s been happening.


Every year, we work hard to adapt the materials created by Youth Unlimited.  We want to show a picture of inclusion by working to be part of that bigger picture.  Our theme this year is “Divine Normal: Kingdom Living by Mere Mortals.” During our week together we will be entering the Hero Academy and beginning a special hero’s journey. The week will be about discovering special abilities and powers and learning how to use them to overcome seemingly impossible situations to transform our world! This will be a place for everyone to be reminded that they are part of a super team: God’s Justice League! It is a time for youth to  claim their identity in Christ, discover strengths, participate in daring adventures, and give joyful service to others!


Today we are 12 days away from the official first day of Winnipeg SERVE 2014!    A good portion of the “stuff” gets organized, assembled and planned at the offices of Hope Centre Ministries.    SERVE is a great learning opportunity for summer staff/interns to learn about disability ministries as well as event planning.  It is always fun to see them embrace the many different tasks.

2014-07-07 12.50.32


This year “Intern April” is coordinating the writing of the Small Group materials as well as fellowship activities.  We went shopping today to purchase things for worship, small groups and random fun.  We’ve allowed SERVE to have it’s own office and look at what’s happening!

2014-07-07 12.50.512014-07-07 12.50.482014-07-07 12.50.41

So exciting to know that each of these pictures represent activities we’ll be participating in and then the fabulous stories that will accompany our memories.


In the midst of all of the fun plans, we happened to find a few things that made us wonder.  We’ll leave you with this picture and hope you’ll look for the context of this “villain” at SERVE 2014!

2014-07-07 12.55.36


As we put finishing touches on so many things we “Marvel” at how God works through us.  In these last few days we are praying for:

Each of our 14 participants, 5 of whom will be participating in SERVE for the very first time!

Each of the 15 mentors coming from all different places to SERVE:  traveling from Thunder Bay and Grimsby ON, Surrey BC, Edson AB and some from right here in Winnipeg!

The Host Team

The many volunteers who are looking to SERVE alongside:  drivers, kitchen, night hawks, fellowship coordinators.

The host church congregation

The sending churches

SERVE-ing Joyfully,

Shellie Power- Director of Spiritual Care, Hope Centre Ministries and SERVE Host Team Co-Ordinator