Work: July 22: SERVE Day 4

Today there was a sense of excitement in the air at breakfast.  Not only were there pancakes and really big sausages, but we were getting ready to go to work!  Each small group headed to a different location.  This is an important part of SERVE– volunteering and blessing the local community– sharing gifts and talents that God has blessed us with– learning the joy that comes from SERVE-ing.
Here a group is learning about the “behind the scenes” work that happens at Bibles for Missions.  Donovan, Jeremy, Dan and Riley– Serving and having fun together.

Another group donned vests to clean up downtown Winnipeg at “The Biz”.  

 The MCC Thrift Store…..

We worked until noon and then headed back to church for a wonderful, delicious meal.  After lunch it was time for small groups.  Today the team is investigating what it means to “Be Free”.  They spent some time going through the Winnipeg Free Press in search of what the world says is “popular”.  It was neat to see how the small groups are becoming mini communities– supporting and working together.

Following small groups many people were excited to see that showers were on the schedule!  We are so blessed by our neighbours at Cornerstone who let us use their showers.

We showered so that we would be fresh and clean for our fellowship activity of the day:  Mini Golf at U-Putz.

Kyle, Jeff, Mike and Mike– had a fun time together.

 Matthew, Riley, Ryan and Spencer–enthusiastic team mates.

 Kayla, Breana, Jessica and April– keeping score and having fun!

 Kim, Dan, Jeremy and Ashley– loud and fun!

Amanda, Amber, Heather, Kayla and Carla– “Time sure flies when you’re having fun!”.

The church smelled so good when we came in– supper was ready and we were hungry and ready to eat.

Once again we transitioned from supper to worship– here Dan and Dono are part of a commercial.

Our sports broadcast was brought to us by Ryan– a report on fishing– he later interviewed an expert on the subject:  Dan, who explained in detail the use of a lure to snag the unsuspecting fish.  Much like how we are tempted by the ways of the world– it looks harmless but we can soon find ourselves ensnared and trapped.

 The word of the day was “FREE”– when we are In Christ– we are FREE.

After worship, the evening activities included BANANARAMA-  Everyone met on the lawn and assembled into their groups.  Here Dan, Riley, Trevor and Heather are patiently awaiting instructions– what WILL they do with their banana?

 The groups discovered that they were to use the banana as part of a scene/sculpture.  They could do anything they wanted to it and could include any found nature items as well.

Amanda, Jeff and team are planning their project.

 Kayla and April’s team seem to have a plan…..

 What is this team up to?

 One of the finished creations… a flower garden with a banana soil– they are hopeful that their creation will win.

 But wait— more instructions follow and teams discover that there is another step.  Each group must put their banana back together again– they may use toothpicks to help keep it together.

Trevor’s team must perform major surgery– they had turned their banana into spaghetti and shredded the peel!

Teams finished and were quite proud of themselves only to discover that the banana must now survive the drop test– Jeremy is the ‘drop judge’. 

Totally messy– lots of fun!

Here is a picture that sums up SERVE well– team work and support.  Amanda wanted to join the hockey game– without hesitation, several people jumped into action– adapting and problem solving (and lots of duct tape)—together this group plays and cheers and includes one another.    

Good night…. so excited for what tomorrow holds.