Pranks: July 23, SERVE Day 5

This morning began like many of the others– I try to get coffee before others get up! I tend to do some rounds through the church and also clean up the sanctuary a bit as I focus on what the day will hold.  Today, as I went in I noticed something quite peculiar;  Spencer was sleeping in the sanctuary….on top of a collapsed table!  Perhaps his room was noisy?  Maybe a bit too warm?  The answers came at breakfast.

Apparently a group decided to pull quite the elaborate prank that included the following steps:

1.  Make dummies in their sleeping bags so that they could hide and wait for Spencer to fall asleep… patience– amazing patience!

2.  Bring in table to lie on floor– they wanted to use it like a stretcher.

3.  Move Spencer gently and slowly on to table– he eventually rolled right on.

4.  Carry him out.

They did get stuck in a doorway and dropped him slightly.  The noise alerted the night hawk who then helped in a way.  Others woke up and joined in so that Spencer could be transported, asleep, to another location.

Breakfast was a time of giggles and stories as the pranksters told their stories.

After breakfast it was time once again to head off to work.

Another group in ‘vests’ in cleaning up the Downtown Biz!

A building project– a covered sandbox with a roof.  Swinging hammers and lots of fun!

 Roger loved going to work!

 Almost finished.

 Planting fun.  Kyle enjoys getting right in there.

 So does Amanda.

 Winnipeg Harvest was another site– and the group had fun assembling emergency supply bags.

 When the work groups returned they found out something a bit distressing– the kitchen staff had gone on strike and the doors to the gym were closed.

Here the group is coming up with a plan to apologize for their pranks and get back on the good side of Jenny and her team.

It was a song of appreciation and love and well…Jenny and team welcomed them in right away.

During lunch we discovered that we had another prankster in our group.  Amanda had been questioning and asking how to pull a prank on Amber.  Before lunch was complete, she had a team and a plan.

Right after lunch it was time for small groups.  Today the groups studied what it means to “Be Transformed”.  One of the activities was to take yesterday’s news and change it and make it something else.  It was neat to see the different personalities of the different groups coming through.

Once again it was shower time.  Amanda decided she needed to stay at church…. and the pranking started again.

While Amber was away, Amanda’s team hid all of her things and all of Amber’s things… and Amanda as well.  There was no trace of her in the building….so we did what any responsible leaders would do…we launched a full investigation!

Amanda was found… before bowling, but not before a missing person’s report had been filed.

 Amber’s things did not get found before bowling….I wonder why?

 Dan– excited for bowling.

 Highlighters were the highlight as many decorated themselves so that they would have glow messages.

 Praise and worship is a big part of SERVE.  Here is Emmy Lou and her team leading us… they did a great job!

 Today, Kayla helped highlight a part of scripture:  Be transformed…..

 It was time to call in our ‘Transforming’ reporter, Riley– to show how different things in nature are transformed.  Coal=diamonds, caterpillar=butterfly, seed=flower, sand=pearl… so wonderful to see transformation all around us.

 Donovan helped us ‘make cents’ of what transformation means… to be completely changed!

After worship, we went outside.  Hank, a member of CCRC, was leading in group water and egg games.  So much fun!

 Some of us were feeling tired and chose to watch the fun from the sidelines.

 Others found themselves right in the middle.

We wrapped up our evening with snack and then we were surprised by a visit from a local peace officer who had been informed of all of the “trouble” at this SERVE site.

Amber was charged with mentor negligence for losing Amanda.

She took it well– the cuffs are real and apparently this is a bit nerve wracking for her. 

But there were other charges as well–Amanda was charged with shenanigans and then we discovered that this officer was also spending the night with us as our Night Hawk… yikes!  Whose door should he be posted at?

So ends another fun day of SERVE.  The nights are getting shorter…..