Good Byes: July 25, SERVE Day 7

Today our routine has changed.  We get to sleep in a bit as breakfast is half an hour later.  There are some people who needed every minute of that half hour and it is a gift!

After breakfast and devos people begin packing up and getting ready for the final worship.  Parents/families and friends were invited to participate.

Today’s worship was a reminder that we can’t keep this SERVE experience to ourselves, we are called to share it with others.  In order to do that we must leave– we need to “Publish” our story and bring it to our families and friends, our churches and our neighbourhoods.  We need to leave. But the leaving is hard and it is sad.  We have made friends, we have shared stories, we have lived and played together.  Laughter and tears and we had both in worship.

After our service it was time for small groups and then lunch together.  During lunch, you could feel how difficult it was for some to say good bye.

I apologize for not having the pictures— I neglected to copy them to my computer before leaving (yes, exhaustion is setting in)– but the picture that I have in my mind is the group hug picture.  The picture of a group that has gelled, that has connected and has broken through many barriers together.

Before I close this day I want to share some “warm fuzzies” that have not made it into mailboxes:

Participants:  Donovan, Jeff, Matthew, Breana, Ryan, Riley, Dan, Kayla, Amanda,Kayla, Kim, Roger, Kyle:  You have been great teachers this week.  You have shared your heart and helped many of us to share ours.  You have been examples of enthusiasm, and encouragement.  You have helped us to laugh and shown us beauty in many little things.  We will miss you and hope that we can connect again!

Mentors:  Mike, Ashley, Dan, Jessica, April, Amber, Spencer, Heather, Jaydon:  It has been an honor and a joy to be a part of your journey.  Your openness to one another, your willingness to go beyond yourselves and your honest reflections have been inspiring.  The moments spent sharing how God is working in you is incredible and we will continue to pray for you.

Our Host Team:

Jenny:  The delicious food, the cheerful serving and the many words of encouragement were/are a tremendous gift to all who have served with you this past week.  Thank you for each ‘morsel’!

Gerry:  The schedules, the ‘missing pieces’ and the hours spent joining in are so appreciated.  Thanks for catching the vision and casting it further.

Don:  Thank you for giving of yourself this week.  For giving up sleep and for joining in where needed.  Thank you for sharing your gifts of administration and supporting SERVE!

Marv:  It has been fun getting to know you through this project.  Thank you for organizing the work sites and taking the time to get to know our team.  Thank you for the motorcycle rides and the willingness to get on board with SERVE!

Carla:  Thank you for being you– for all of the fun and creativity you brought to SERVE–whether driving with Hugh B. or staying up late– for all of the work you put into small groups and the countless little details that you helped with.  You are so appreciated!

Jonathan/Jeremy/Katie:  Thank you for coming on board and helping to build community through fun activities and silliness.  It was great to get to know each of you a bit more throughout this week and to witness you giving of your time — thank you for using your gifts to be a blessing to those around you.

Ken:  You have been an encourager and a supporter of SERVE.  Thank you for your many words— your devotionals were such a wonderful way to start each day.

Bonita:  Yes, we consider you a member of our team.  Thank you for being a part of the vision and although you were unable to be a part of it in person, you sure were here in spirit!

There are so many pictures and so many memories.  It’s hard to process all that has happened.   Amazing to be a part of and we pray that it will “BE” again.