Dancing and Movie: July 24: SERVE Day 6

Well there were not any pranks through the night!  Today some people woke up with a sense of sadness…today is the last day of work, we go home tomorrow.  It is important for us to enjoy the different parts of today and there are many!

We begin with work:

 Jeff and Amanda painting and Kim, Jaydon and Roger sorting potatoes… just two glimpses of another productive day.

Today after work we headed back for lunch and small groups and then some “down time”.  It was much needed.  We have kept a very busy schedule and the break was welcomed by many.  During this time some people had motorcycle rides, some did their nails, some practiced for a talent show.  It was relaxing and fun to be free to visit and chat.

Showers were a big hit once again, and many people dressed up in preparation for our banquet.

We had an amazing dinner— mashed potatoes, beef, veggies, salad and brownie with ice-cream.  YUM!

After dinner, everyone moved into the fireside room.  This cozy atmosphere was just the setting needed for a talent show.  Different people had signed up and rehearsed.

Steve and Andy (AKA Jonathan and Jeremy) came from afar to host tonight’s show!

There were many acts.  Here April and Kayla share their musical talents.

Roger keeps the beat.

As we moved from fireside to sanctuary we were welcomed by the praise team, and worship began.  Kyle does a great job of playing with the team.

Tonight’s Headline of the Day was entitled “You’ve Got Mail”  Here Jessica, Breana, Spencer, Matthew and Ryan are trying to figure out who is sending all of the mail.

Tonight worship was all about Surrender.  Surrender means giving up– giving up trying to “BE” all of these things on our own– acknowledging that we can’t Be holy, free, transformed by our own efforts.  When we try, even our best, is like filthy rags.  We took time to bring our own efforts and surrender them to God– to give him the control by letting go of the control ourselves.
Here Breana ,Jessica and Matthew spend time at the cross.  As each person left they were assured that Jesus makes them brand new.

 What a beautiful picture and what a beautiful reminder.  
After worship we moved into the fellowship hall where Lawson led us in line dancing.

 Toe-tapping instructions leads to lines…..

 Lots of fun was had by all.

You would think that after all of this activity people would be tired… well this person is and yet the fun continues.  As the dancing goes on, there is a large inflatable movie screen that arrived and was inflated behind the church.  We invited the neighbourhood to a viewing of “The Adventures of TinTin”… free popcorn, free juice, free movie— lots of fun.
It is a late night and everyone is having so much fun– but everyone is aware that tomorrow is the last day.