Commissioning: July 21, SERVE Day 3

This morning we began with a wonderful breakfast provided by the Men of Breakfast.  So thankful for John and Jake and their early morning volunteering to ensure that each SERVE day starts off with a good meal!

After breakfast, it was time to have devotions.  Pairs/groups are encouraged to find a quiet place in the church where they can take some time to concentrate on the devotional.  Really is a neat picture.

The focus this morning was worship.  Here is the worship team– Emmy Lou, Gerry, Roger, Kyle and Wil (Katie and Elaine were part too, but not pictured here).

 Our service began at 10:00 and was our commissioning– the sending out to be Christ’s hands and feet.  Covenant was also commissioning a team that will be leaving on Saturday to serve in Chicago– what a beautiful picture of unity to commission both of these teams together.

 We closed by forming a picture of unity by joining hands and blessing each other with “My Friends, May you Grow in Grace”

 Afterwards we assembled at the front of church so that we could have a group photo with all of us.

 Sunday lunch was a time for us to gather with our prayer partners.  Prayer is vital to a project like SERVE and this lunch was an opportunity for many to meet with those who were praying for them.

After lunch, we all piled into the Calvin Christian School bus and headed to the Zoo.  We were excited to see all of the different animals– but the bus ride was a highlight for many.

I know it’s a sideways picture, but you can see that Roger enjoyed the ride!

 Once at the Zoo we split up to allow people to see the animals that they wanted.  You can see that Heather and Kayla enjoyed spending the day together.

Sometimes we would bump into others from our group– it was fun to see the blue shirts.  Here Jonathan, Kyle, Amber and Amanda are on a definite mission.

More blue shirts– exploring the Australian Walk-About.

After the Zoo– it was time for small groups.  As a SERVE site, we have accepted the challenge to identify 1000 gifts of grace– realizing that in our busyness we often overlook and take for granted many blessings.  This week as we “Just Be”, we hope to open our eyes to the many gifts that are ours each day. 

 The supper team fed us another superb and delicious meal.  So delicious and so thankful for all of the wonderful volunteers who are taking care of so many things for us.

Speaking of volunteers, Harm and Mark make sure that the sound is balanced and the power point runs smoothly.  Thanks guys!

Every evening we step into the BTV studio where we go to ‘air’ and continue our investigation of our big assignment “Just Be”.  This morning during the church service, we learned that we must “Just Be….In Christ”.  Tonight’s broadcast is all about Be Holy.

Each small group plays a part of the evening worship service:  Welcome, Headline of the Day, Commercial, Closing station announcements.  Here Breana and Kyle are sharing their group’s headline.

Can we be partly Holy?  We used a special BTV milkshake recipe…that included a grasshopper.  Matthew and Kim found out that it is impossible to be partly Holy– it is all or nothing!

 We also learned that we can not make ourselves Holy– so wonderful to see how eager people are to participate.  Here Amanda and Hugh B. (our SERVE mascot) participate in a worship demonstration.
This evening included a bit of running, some laughing, lots of visiting, and snacks.  What a great day was had at SERVE!