Breaking News Update!

It hardly seems fair to write about all of our wonderful mentors and participants without giving you a glimpse of who they are– there are many others who have been a part of SERVE 2013, but I thought I’d start with these guys

 Ashley: Bubbly, energetic and sensitive to the needs of others.

 Donovan:  Deep thinking, listens to others and ready to help.

 Riley:  Eager, fun loving and full of drama and flare.

 Heather:  Quiet, gentle and patient with those around her.

 Kim:  Determined, independent and loves being in the middle of activity.

 Rodger:  Excited, energetic and thoughtful–loves to keep the ‘beat’.

 Jaydon:  Keen, curious and a dependable team mate.

 Kayla:  Infectious laugh, forthright and empathetic towards others.

 Dan:  Musical, hard working and an enthusiastic participant during activities.

April:  Contemplative, positive and encouraging towards her teammates.

 Breana:   Sensitive, humble and willing to try new things.

 Ryan:  Curious, energetic and a real “team player”.

 Spencer:  Adventurous, fun loving and respectful of others.

 Matthew:  Joy-filled, enthusiastic and excited to be with friends.

 Jessica:  Helpful, aware of others needs and brings out the joy in others.

 Jeff:  Thoughtful, diligent and excited to grow and learn.

 Kyle:  Strong, musical and loves to play tricks on his friends.

 Mike:  Dependable, trustworthy and gets along with all of his team mates.

 Amanda:  Happy, inquisitive and has a GREAT sense of humour.

Amber: Loves to laugh, supportive and enjoys helping others have fun.

Kayla:  Laughs a lot, loves to be close to friends and sensitive to the needs of others.

What an amazing group of youth/young adults  who shared life during SERVE 2013.  So many funny stories — pictures of learning, pranks and tender moments.  I am honoured to be able to connect with them and am so proud of who they are.  Blessed.