Arrival: July 20— SERVE Day 2

It is late and as I look back on today it is amazing how many things have happened.  We began our day with breakfast together– important to note because the food is such a huge piece.

After breakfast it was time to begin our orientation.  It is important to spend time as a team going over all of the different facets/pieces of what this SERVE week has.  I was so impressed by how focused and attentive our group of mentors is.  It is a lot of information to process at once:  What is the vision of SERVE?….What is the role of a mentor?….What is expected of me?….Who is coming to SERVE and what do I need to know?….What are the rules?…

At the end of our session a mentor challenge was issued.  Each mentor was asked to write their own covenant– a commitment that they were making for the week.  Interesting and amazing to see these youth rise and accept a challenge that many shy away from.  Certainly shatters a stereotype!  I have saved their different goals that they have written for themselves and we will look back and reflect on them on Thursday.

After orientation– we ate lunch and then worked hard to set up the church!

Amber and Jessica used their creative gifts to start working on our BTV set– amazing!

 Heather helped in many ways– here she is folding and sorting the ‘Daily News’!

 This was a fun group to watch— Jaydon, Mike and Mike had an interesting approach to building a coat rack.  The end product was a success– the process, well…….

 Spencer and Gerry– improvising and building a backdrop–

There are others who were busy in other areas and it was amazing to have everything fall into place and ready to go for the arrival of our participants– additional thanks to April, Ashley,Dan, and Carla who must have been too quick for the camera to capture.

When it was finished– I could move into my new office!

Soon the foyer was a bustle of activity as people began arriving– suitcases, air mattresses and lots of greetings and good byes.

The focus of today was on getting to know each other.  Interviews and photo booth as well as an interesting photo journalism assignment given to small groups.  The small groups met and began their assignments.

This week we are investigative reporters, studying and trying to ‘break’ the next big story:  JUST BE.  Small group materials and devotions are all set up as a newspaper and everyone eagerly began their assignments.

After a delicious dinner we got ready for worship— live from the studios of BTV– our broadcasting station.

I will be adding additional photos tomorrow (let’s call it a breaking news update)– photos that show you the small groups and worship fun.

Gathering for worship is always a highlight– the enthusiasm and openness always strikes me– such a beautiful picture and so much fun to be a part of.

Worship tonight had the team sign up for a special assignment, identify the most reliable source– a source of truth– God’s word.

For our evening activities we broke into groups and delivered flyers to the surrounding neighbourhood– we’re inviting them to an outdoor movie on Wednesday night.

Most people settled into their rooms and were eager for sleep.

I asked the mentors for a reflection on the day and here are their closing comments/thoughts– sticking with our theme, some have put them as headlines:

“Mentor realizes that great friend will be made.”

“Small group coordinator is shocked by productivity”

“Mentor happy to meet new people”

“Jubilation at Covenant”

“Friendship is easy to build”

“Small group was really fun– it is so much fun to hang out:

“Really glad I’m a mentor”

“Mentor impressed by how fast community is formed”

Tomorrow is a day that we gather for worship— be commissioned and meet our prayer partners.

Updates will be given… g’night.

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    Love it! what a GREAT day…with much enthusiasm! can't wait to read more! well done good and faithful servants!….grace

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