A Fun Beginning: Friday July 19: SERVE Day 1

Hi Everyone,

Today was a fabulous day–a great beginning to a great week.  Today started with a SERVE host team prayer meeting.  In the midst of all of the final prep and busyness of planning– we paused to pray.  I really appreciated  the reminder that this is in God’s hands– we are working for him– even though we may not be completely ready (or feel we are..), he is!  So reassuring.

Over the course of the next week, I hope to use this space to share some stories, introduce you to some wonderful people and hopefully help you see the beautiful picture of SERVE!
 Today is also known as mentor day.  It is the day that we host just the mentors…to encourage teamwork, help us to bond together as a group, allow them to get to know us as leaders and really just have some fun together.

This SERVE can not happen without mentors– youth/young adults who give of their time to provide the supports for those attending as participants.

Between 10 and noon the mentors slowly trickled in.  As they came and set up their rooms– they were immediately put to work helping to set up the church.  Amazing how much can be accomplished by an eager group.  Decorating/setting up/organizing—these guys are great and you will meet them all soon!

After lunch together– we headed outside for some games that came to us.   

These are the hamster balls in action.  As you can see– you jump in and run!

You had to be prepared for others to “help” you get started.


Carla, Amber and April had a great time–I got in to give it a try as well and it’s amazing how hard it was…. but then again I’m not really in the same age bracket!
Next on the agenda was Booger Wars— yes, you read that correctly.   We were divided into two teams and here, part of the group is awaiting instructions.


Emmy Lou ‘picks’ while Spencer helps work out a ‘fling’ strategy.
Daniel keeping an eye on his opponent.
Amber and April are in full ‘booger attack’ mode.

 Booger War!

When a booger hits you and sticks– you are out! 

 Time for Laser Tag!  Don turned out to be quite the ‘sniper’!  We had lots of fun ‘walking’ (no running allowed) through the trees and hunting for our opponents.

Some decided to get right in the trenches.
After the games at church, we loaded into a couple of vehicles and headed for the beach.  It was super windy at Birds Hill Park but we enjoyed some beach volleyball, swimming and BBQ. 
The plan was to stay at the park to do some  devotions, but it got quite chilly so we headed back to church for warmth and shelter.  
Don led us in devotions and singing. At that point you could see that the group of mentors had already begun to feel more comfortable with one another and the laughing and story telling began.
We did make sure that everyone had the opportunity to shower and then spent the remainder of the evening visiting and talking.
This is going to be a great group to work and grow with this week and tomorrow during orientation, I hope to take some pictures so that everyone can be introduced.  Tonight as I head to bed I am thankful and encouraged.
Thankful for the team that is forming, for the relationships that are beginning, for the people that God has provided for this week.
Encouraged by the enthusiasm and willingness that these youth mentors have already displayed.  We live in a culture that promotes and nurtures the mind set that ‘it’s all about me’– I love that this group has signed up for a week that will constantly remind them that ‘it’s not about me’.  
………………. good night 🙂