Conversations with Carla–Pool Noodle Fun

Hello again,

Yesterday Shellie presented me with an interesting task–she handed me two yellow pool noodles, some pink duct tape, some silver duct tape and told me to make two giant pencils. I was very excited and got straight to work. If any of you are interested in making giant pencils, here is how:

You will need:
a yellow pool noodle
pink duct tape
silver duct tape
a steak knife (or something of the sort)
tissue paper
packing tape
a gold/light brown marker
a silver marker

1. First off, use the steak knife to “sharpen” your pool noodle. (Be careful!)
2. Ball up a piece of tissue paper and tape it to the opposite end of the pool noodle using the pink duct tape. Wrap pink duct tape around the top of the noodle to finish creating the “eraser”.
3. Wrap a silver strip of duct tape around the pool noodle at the base of the “eraser”.
4. Using the silver marker, in large font, write the letters HB on the side of the pool noodle. Wrap this up with packing tape so that it does not rub off.
5. Using silver duct tape, create the lead part of the pencil. Stick it into the “sharpened” end of the noodle.
6. Using the brown/gold marker, color the sharpened part of the noodle.
7. Using packing tape, cover up the colored sharpened part of the noodle and secure the “lead” portion onto the end.
8. Voila! You now have your very own giant pencil!

As with all of the other “odd” jobs I am given at Hope Centre Ministries, this job also has a purpose. We are preparing for our week of SERVE and these pencils are just a sneak peak at some of the props we will be using to help make worship and the rest of the week meaningful, exciting and engaging.

Here are some pictures of the “pencil” making 
the supplies I was given                                                                 writing a letter to Shellie