Thursday, July 26— Expedition Specific Training
This morning the tone at church was a bit different.  Today was the last day of SERVE and many didn’t want to see it end.  We decided today we would all wear our SERVE shirts again– reminding us of our mission.
After breakfast participants and mentors once again went to their quiet spot for personal devotions– but today when they received their next instructions from “Commander Ken” they were different.  “It’s time to pack up and clean up your room”
There was a hustle and bustle of activity as bedrooms were turned back into Sunday School classrooms.  We had only one hour.
This morning we also held our final worship service.  Here is a picture of people arriving and mingling before the sanctuary doors were opened.
We have been blessed to have had many people join us for worship– what a great feeling of community!

Kayla,  Amber and Amanda are ready to worship!

As SERVErs came in they naturally came together as a group— wanting to spend as much time together as possible!

Today we entered Expedition Specific training– the time when we prepare to take what we have learned out of the training facility.  We learned how we are meant to be salt.  We also learned that it is important to continue to connect with people who are connected to God– to remain in community even after SERVE ended.

This may look like a simple ping-pong ball but it is far from ordinary.  In fact it lights up– only when people are connected.  In order to illustrate this we made a large circle— each person connected and then when we added the ball we were able to see it light up.

For me, a highlight was standing in the circle– everyone connected and blessing one another with:

My friends may you grow in grace
And in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour.
My friends may you grow in grace
And in the knowledge of Jesus Christ!

To God be the glory, now and forever, now and forever AMEN!

Here is Gnarly Neptune small group.  Riley, Amber, Jeffery, Trevor and Amanda had fun working and SERVE-ing together this week.  They came as strangers to one another and left as friends.

Super Saturn small group enjoyed welcoming parents into their circle.  This group– Emily, Kayla, Kim, Julie, and Kayla D worked really great together– we are proud of you guys!

Jamming Jupiter small group worked well together.  Kyle, Donovan, Ryan, Spencer and Emmy Lou– you guys are amazing!

Immediately after small group we had lunch together and then it was time for one last group event– picture time!

One last time as the SERVE group of 2012— Picture This!

Good-byes are hard and can become emotional for many.  We had many hugs and one final count down as a group and then it was time to ‘blast off’ for home!

I love this picture– and I can hear Riley saying, “See you next year, Trevor!” 

What an amazing week!  So much fun and so many great memories… what a treasure these moments are.

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who gave of their time and made this week possible.

Our mentors:  Spencer, Trevor, Emmy Lou, Amber, Julie and Emily.  We saw growth in each one of you.  Thank you for allowing God to use you this week– in many different ways you each stepped out of your comfort zone, learned things you weren’t really expecting to learn and realized how important each person is in the body of Christ.  We pray that you continue to use what you learned here– and don’t forget that next year it’s coming again— we would love to have you. 

Our host team:  All of the meetings paid off!  You are an amazing group of people to work with and I am thankful for each of you. Ken, Sara, Bonita, Gerry, Darryl, Kim, Alida, Jenny, Lynell and Carla– all with very different gifts — all needed and appreciated.  Thanks for giving your time– I hope you all have a good time to rest.

Volunteers:  Last night we counted over 50 people as volunteers!  People cooking,organizing crafts and games, working sound or PowerPoint, driving to work sites, opening up their home for us to shower, staying up all night just so we could sleep, praying for us— THANK YOU!

“So to whom will you compare me to, the incomparable?  Can you picture me without reducing me?”  Isaiah 46:5

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  1. What a blessing Shellie! looks like you all had a lot of fun at SERVE in Winnipeg too! It is an amazing time to be together, and for us as parents, to see our kids loved, taught in the Lord, allowed to SERVE others! this is a wonderful program, and i am so thankful you have 2 locations now! 🙂 God bless you…and have a GREAT REST! 🙂

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