Wednesday, July 25— Work Day #3
Wednesday was another great day!  It was fun to see how routine everything has become.  Breakfast—- Devotions— and getting ready for work is now an ingrained SERVE habit.
Once again there were three work groups.  Here is today’s garden group. 
We’ve commented several times this week— how all the work has been going so well.  Many different things have been accomplished, but what has been especially touching is the joy in which it has been done with.
Here Kayla and Kim are showing a picture that we have seen many times over here— smiles and fun at work!

Winnipeg Harvest was once again a site.  Every group here this week has had the opportunity to sort and package potatoes.  Here are Trevor, Jeffery and Amanda hard at work.
The groups have been working together and also studying together in small groups and there is a really neat bond that has formed within these smaller groups.  Here you can see the togetherness as they show us how strong they need to be to accomplish the sorting of 1000’s of potatoes.
We don’t have the pictures from the third group downloaded yet– but group #3 went to the Down Town Biz and painted.  They too had great fun and we will add their pictures soon, so check back later!
After another delicious lunch we headed to Kildonan Park to enjoy a leisurely motorcycle ride around the park.  Our drivers (John, Clarence, Jeff) were ready to go.
Emmy Lou and Julie are “all systems check”– ready to ride!

Kyle is all smiles as he anticipates his turn.

Riley and Donovan are trying to come up with a system to determine who rides next— Jeffery looks on, ready to step in if needed.

Donovan wins!

Ryan is ready to go!

Amanda is all smiles as she gets ready to leave for her ride!

Kayla is ready to go too!  It was so much fun to see the joy and hear the laughter!

The girls came back to the church for a little while— time to take our time getting ready and since we were getting ready for the banquet– we took time to have some pre-shower facials and watch a little bit of the “Princess Diaries”.

Here are Kayla and Emily applying the face mask— it sure felt nice and we had lots of fun.  After quick showers we were ready for hair, nails and make-up.

The tables were set (you should see the amazing centre pieces— shuttles ready to launch).

Here is a classy pic of Emmy Lou, Donovan and Julie.

Spencer, Kayla and Jeffery.

Riley, Emily and Trevor.

Ryan and Carla.

Kayla and Emmy Lou.

Amber and Amanda— some of us have been having a hard time keeping their names apart!

After dinner we had Lawson come to teach us some group dances.  What a lot of fun we had!

Here is our mission group— saluting a successful evening.

It was once again time to move into worship.  Talking about our picture of God had us also look at the fact that the glasses we use, or the lenses we look through will not give us a clear picture.  We are living in the ‘not yet’ time and have the promise and assurance that one day– we will see everything clearly.

Here Ken is having a really hard time with his lenses– he did a great job!

Wednesday night was the last full night.  It is always so great to see the change that has happened within a group throughout SERVE.  Here we see a beautiful picture.  ONE GROUP.

Togetherness— friends— mutual support— inclusion—- AWESOME!

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