Tuesday, July 24— Work Day #2
Tues. morning I was greeted with “showers” of blessings as some of our participants had received water guns from some of their prayer partners.
It is so wonderful to see how the group is becoming connected and as leaders we have discovered that they are really bonding — especially over planning pranks to pull on us!  It was a fun way to start the day!
After breakfast it was once again time to check in with Commander Ken— to receive our morning devotional.   Daily fuel is extremely important on any mission.
Work sites are going so well.  Everyone was really excited to begin again today.  Here you see Darryl– who has helped coordinate many of the placements.  Amanda and Amber were on a garden team.  Amanda’s favourite part of the day was the ‘getting dirty outside’ part!    

Riley loves to work hard and here he is showing how SERVE-ing others is a source of joy.

Jeffery helped tidy the yard— “It was hard, but it needed to be done”.

I know they look harmless here, but Trevor and Riley are scheming buddies— so neat to see them together.

Here’s a shot of the garden crew! 

Gerry is a great foreman— today he brought his group to DQ— needless to say, the other groups are hoping they’re on his work crew on Wednesday!

Another group went to Bibles for Missions thrift store.  Here Kim is working by the cash register.  She was so excited that she got to help the people who were shopping.

Kayla helped out by sorting through and organizing the clothes.

Kayla and Julie arranging shoes.  Kayla loves to tidy and keep things organized– it was great to see her gifts used in this way.

Our third work crew was at Winnipeg Harvest and like the day before, sorted potatoes.  Here are Emmy Lou and Kyle — such an enthusiastic work team.

Donovan and Spencer join the action.  They loved seeing how many volunteers work at Wpg. Harvest and worked hard!

Here they are with Ryan sorting through and making sure that only good potatoes get passed on.

A group photo of this team together with their faithful chauffeurs— Henk and Len.

After work everyone headed back to church.  We had lunch together and then worked in small groups.  This day had some down time so people enjoyed leisurely showers and then hung out at church together. 

Glow Bowling was the activity today and everyone had a lot of fun getting ready.  At the Mini-Putt the day before they learned how highlighter marker glows in the black light.  Many groups and pairs could be spotted colouring and creating highlighter tattoos– in preparation for the fun.

Leaving for activities is a lot of fun.  The bus is a highlight.  Here are Ryan and Spencer sporting their glow glasses– ready for fun!

Emmy Lou has become a hat model this week— sporting a different hat at nearly every event thanks to Kyle.  Here she is with Kayla,  looks like a victory dance of sorts— what a lot of fun they had!

Supper was served immediately after bowling and then we headed into worship.  It has been great to have so many people come and join us at this time.  We once again welcomed the praise band from Albright.

Tonight was a special night.  We took things that were holding us back and brought them to the cross.  Here Jeff is helping to demonstrate how hard it is to get a prize when he stays connected to something that is holding him back.  He was very quick to realize that it would be much easier to reach the goal if he removed what was holding on to him.

It was very moving to see everyone walk up to the cross and tack on their crumpled pictures of themselves— pictures that represented sins and obstacles in their life.

They received brand new pictures– representing that in Christ they have been made new.

Taking time to remember what Jesus has done for us is important.  Too often we fail to see how “overwhelming and huge” the love of God is.  We have marvelled at his creation and Tuesday night we marvelled at his love.