Sunday– July, 22–Commissioning SERVE-ice and Mission Launch
Today started with a beautiful sky— captured on Bonita’s regular early morning walk.
Praise team practicing before church.
Emmy Lou and Kyle making sure they are in tune.
Our service this morning started with praise… Let ALL things now living!

During children’s message we tried to put God in a box— we have certain ideas about who he is– and each time we picture him— we make him smaller than he is.  This morning when we put him in a container– it “exploded”, showing us how he can’t be contained.

After church some of our prayer partners joined us for lunch.  It was great for our participants and mentors to be able to sit and visit with the people who are praying for them.
When lunch was over we headed out to Manitoba Museum.

Amanda enjoyed seeing all the exhibits.

Kim and Emmy Lou toured the museum together.

 Both Ryan and Riley were put in jail!

Pastor Ken and Kim also found themselves behind bars.

Donovan and Spencer enjoying the craziness of it all.

Trevor and Kyle were having fun on the Nonsuch.

Jeremy, Spencer, Ryan and Donovan on board the Nonsuch.
This picture of Jeff and Carla is a bit blurry– but it was hard to catch them as they were so busy finding all of the things on the various museum bingo challenge sheets.  Great to see them have fun.

Kayla and Julie find themselves in a hot spot!

After the museum tour we all went to the science gallery together.  It was fun to test and explore all of the hands on activities.

We concluded our visit with a planetarium show— Manitoba Skies.  After a busy morning and afternoon— the dark theatre and peaceful music was a very relaxing combination!

Once back at church, we were greeted by the wonderful smells of dinner.  On tonight’s menu was lasagna and many people went back for seconds. 

Immediately following supper it was time for Small Group and then worship.

 We began worship by recalling what we had seen in church— we can’t keep God in a container— he’s incontainable.

 Before very much could happen, I had to catch up with our ‘mission commander’, Ken by explaining what we had learned in training last night.  He gave us the thumb’s up to launch and then gave us some more training tasks to complete.

 The first task was using all different things to form a picture of sorts (our theme is all about picturing God).  We took some really beautiful things and some not so nice things and mixed them together to build a kaleidoscope.

 Here Kayla is seeing how beautiful it is and how the picture changes.  It’s a lot like many of our pictures of God.  Our pictures come from our own experiences– good and bad.  They all mix together and form a picture.  Also, like the kaleidoscope, our pictures are always changing because our experiences are always different.

 Kyle helped out for a second training.  We needed to determine if it was better to know God or experience God.  We tried to get Kyle to convince everyone that  a certain drink was good– just from learning about it and knowing about it. 

 Everyone agreed that it was better for him to actually taste it. “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”.

 Kim helped find some clear pictures of the moon.  We then looked at how many different ways the moon appears.  It looked different in each picture.  Different size, different shape— sometimes a different colour and yet we know it is the same moon.

That’s like our pictures of God.  We each have different pictures of who he is because each of us has a different perspective that is shaped through our experiences.

Here is the summary that we prepared for Ken to review.  We all passed!    That means we are ready to continue our training.

Looking forward to what the next day brings!