Friday— Mentor Day of Fun!
Today, we met with a group of youth who are giving a week of themselves to help lend support— and it was a day just for them.  Weeks like this can’t happen without them.  The day was also a day to push and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone.  What better way to do this than at a place called Adrenaline Adventures.
We left shortly after lunch for a day of climbing and fun.
First, meet Indy— he’s our SERVE mascot and he was quite ‘blown away’ by the ropes course.

Group shot– before harnesses!

All suited up and raring to go!

After the harnesses were on– it was time for the rules and practice.  Here Spencer and Emily are listening intently to the instructor.   Can you spot Indy’s photo bomb?  

Gerry came along and carried all of our valuables— and water too (so needed on a day as hot as today!)
Julie is a picture of confidence high in the sky!  I love the smile— you did GREAT, Julie!

You could choose how to get up to the first level of the course— there were nets/ladders and ropes— Amber decided to scale the wall– it was hard work, but she did it!

Bonita, Emily and Amber came walking proudly from the zip line—- I thought this looked like a scene from Back Draft.

Indy, is trying to wait patiently for his turn.
Here’s the fun zipline:
After the ropes course all of the mentors ‘had a ball’— literally.  They were strapped into a large hamster-type ball and rolled down a hill.  Emmy Lou and Spencer were first to tumble.

We then travelled together to Birds Hill  park where the Westervelt’s had burgers on the BBQ ready and waiting. 

After dinner– it was time for V-ball and then a swim before heading back to the church.
You would think that after such a fun-filled day, everyone would want to simply collapse and go to bed— but NO. 
After showers, it was decided that we would turn off all of the lights in church to play a game of Sardines.   Took a long time— they’re great at hiding!
All is quiet now, and we are getting ready to begin tomorrow– and greet the participants…. but first, SLEEP!