Saturday– July 21– Participants Arrive!
Today started early (or so it seemed:) with a wonderful breakfast prepared by the Men of Breakfast.  We needed a good start to the day because it was a day packed full.
We started with a devotional lead by Lynell.  It was then time to go over expectations and begin our learning time.
It can be overwhelming— but we took it in small steps and the mentors did great.
After lunch the mentors took some time for personal devotions and then set up the rooms in preparation for participants.
There were some nervous meetings, but it was fun to see people getting to know one another.
One of the activities was picture time:
Both Trevor and Kyle are ‘out of this world’!

An important part of SERVE is small group time– a time to learn and study the theme and grow together.

 Here is “Super Saturn”

“Jamming Jupiter”

“Gnarly Neptune”.
This year our theme is taking us into space– where we will explore the vastness of God’s creation and compare that to the unimaginably large creator.

Gerry is part of our planning team and wears many different hats— spreadsheet guy, head counting guy—- here he is equipping himself to be guitar guy.
Tonight we welcomed a praise band from Albright church.  It was fun to ‘launch’ our mission with the energy that they brought to worship!

Praising and singing together is a big part of SERVE worship.

Object lessons are also a big part of SERVE worship and it is fun to see different people get involved in different ways.  Here Riley is helping find the equipment needed for the mission.  Our trip needs to start with the mission manual—- God’s Word.

Jeffery and Trevor are helping with a drawing activity— they aren’t allowed to see the picture they are drawing– they are only permitted to talk.  They are trying to figure out how this is supposed to work.

 Ryan and Spencer are the artists for tonight— they need to draw a picture that they can’t see and can only listen to the questions that other people ask—- I bet they are wishing they could ask their own!

As you can see– Amanda thought the picture they were trying to draw was hilarious.

 Here is what we learned tonight—- It is impossible to have a complete picture of God—- he was and is and is to come— the Alpha and the Omega— completely beyond our understanding.

It is also important that we begin this mission with the right equipment:  Guard our hearts and minds, recognize that we are leaving hand prints, mission manual, communication device (prayer).

This week involves small steps for some and giant leaps for others.  It will be a week of growing and stretching, but our God is bigger and greater than anything we might be facing and therefore we go forward in confidence!

Our closing prayer for tonight:

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  1. Jeannette Thiessen says:

    Shellie, Thanks so much for taking the time to do this blog – all the pictures and the captions and sharing. It's awesome – thanks for this gift and blessings to everyone! Our prayers are with you.
    Jeannette (Donovan's mom)

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