A Special Picture

This picture may look like one of many group photos— but it is rare and special and deserves special mention.
Last week, I was part of a youth mission week in Ottawa— for youth with disabilities.  The week involved youth from all over Ontario and one even came from as far away as California—- they came to SERVE— to be a blessing to a community– to reach out and leave ‘God-prints’.
In order for this week to be as successful as it was there needed to be special planning and supports added to the typical mission week template.
Youth mentors were key— typical youth (not sure that’s EVER possible) who gave of themselves to be the support that allowed youth with disabilities the opportunity to participate.
Here’s what you don’t see in this picture:  The growth that happened in everyone as the week went on.  We started the week with terms like ‘mentor’ and ‘participant’, communicating clear differences— us and them.  We ended the week with terms like ‘friend’, ‘buddy’, communicating clear similarities— all equal and created for service.
It was tiring, emotional, frustrating at times and yet one of the highlights of my year.  So much so, that today is also a  ‘turn around day’.  WHAT does that mean?
We’re doing it all again– this time in Winnipeg!
Today is the day we begin — we’re getting ready to meet mentors.  We’ll be spending the day bonding and setting up.
I hope to use this space to keep you updated on our journey— some pictures and stories to help you see why this week is so special.
Stay tuned— there are more special pictures to come!
If you want to look at the journey in Ottawa, visit www.ronhosmar.blogspot.com TONS of pictures!